The Just Me Project

For Parents

If you have a child with special needs or a chronic illness, the struggles you go through each day may feel as if they will never end, and that you will not be able to laugh or relax again.

Henry’s story (and Dolly’s) can help your children (and you) remember that even a kitten can have the heart of a lion. The project materials can be used as games, as distractions while you are waiting, as supplements to educational materials or therapy at home, or just as fun story-time to bring you closer. It is up to you.

Did you know?

One of the most touching stories is of a little girl; one of a fraternal twin who has one hand with only two (and a half, which she counts as three) fingers. She felt different and not as special, even though her family showered unimaginable love on her. Then she became a treasured Paw Pal of Henry’s. These two, with missing parts, became forever bonded. The slideshow below, which her family shared, brought smiles and tears to all of us at Henry’s World.


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