Helping Hands & Paws

“We each have three resources: time, money, and energy. Make sure to give of each of these resources to a human or animal in need.”

Henry recognizes the challenging economic times we’re facing, but there are unique ways to make a difference, without spending money.

Join us in our new project “Helping Hands & Paws” by doing something helpful in your small corner of the world.

People can help others in so many ways—mow an elderly neighbor's lawn; give food to a food bank or an animal shelter; walk a sick or elderly neighbor's dog; make an afghan for a neighbor or area shelter; make cards to share with residents at a senior center—the possibilities are endless.

So put on your thinking caps and come up with your own special Helping Hands & Paws idea. Once you’ve completed it, email us your story at [email protected] explaining your gift of kindness/good deed.

Let us know if you’d like to have your story shared in our weekly blog or newsletter.