Media/News Archive List

Date Media/Publication Title
November 2010 Julian News Henry’s Cat-of-the-Year Award from the ASPCA
July 2010 Cat Fancy They Did What? Meet 45 Extraordinary Cats
May/June 2010 Fido Friendly Magazine Healing Paws: a physically challenged cat-dog duo delivers hope to thousands in need
Spring 2010 TAPS Magazine Once Upon a Time . . . The healing power of storytelling
2009 Pet Life Radios: Oh Behave! Meet Henry—A three-legged cat on a global mission!
March 2009 Animal Wellness Magazine Henry's Healing Power
December 2008 /
January 2009
San Diego Pets Magazine Henry the three-legged cat's ‘JustMe Project’ extends his healing paw to children and wounded veterans
July 2008 Drexel University-College
of Medicine Newspager
Tales of a Three-Legged Cat Help Families Cope With Loss
November 2007 Woman’s World Inspiring Pet: This amazing cat has touched 17,000 lives!
August 2007 Baltimore Sun Hobbled by amputation,
Henry inspires others
July 2007 Cat Fancy Virtual Pet Therapy
July 2007 All About Cats Henry the Healer: Meet Henry! The most extraordinary cat in the world!
March / April 2007 Lucky Dog Magazine Lucky Cat!
December 2006 San Diego Union Tribune, Diane Bell How much is that kitty in the window?
December 2006 San Diego Union Tribune, Diane Bell Oh, Henry
December 2006 San Diego Union Tribune, Diane Bell Dear Tabby
December 2006 Beacon Pets, Pets, Pets
2006 Public Access Television — YouTube Interview with Mark Katz
November 2006 Catnip Henry the Helper
August 2006 Cats [Asian] Topic News
July 2006 Cats [Asian] Cats and People
April 2006 La Jolla Village News Meet Henry the cat, eloquent healer discover cat power at zoo book signing
March 2006 San Diego Pets Magazine Cathy Conheim: How a Three-Legged Cat Inspired a La Jolla Woman to Begin Yet Another Lavor of Love
December 2005 CNN Henry goes World Wide on CNN! with Daryl Kagan
January 2006 Julian News Julian Cat Henry, Helper and Healer Goes Worldwide
September 2008 Julian Newspaper Three Paws, Nine Lives: Cat Turns Tragedy to Triumph
October 2005 Bremerton Patriot Cat's tale touches Bremerton family
November 2005 Between The Lines News Welcome to "Henry's World" Three-legged cat tells his story, raises funds for animals in need
January 2006 Julian A Look at Henry's World
December 2005 La Jolla Light Newspaper Henry's World: Cathy Conheim Tells the Story
November 2005 The Light Connection Tripod Turns Tragedy Into Triumph