Remembering Henry

Henry left this world on July 24, 2016 but left an enduring legacy.

You can read Cathy's letter below or go directly to his special Remembering movie.

Rainbow of Love

Cathy’s letter:

As his scribe for the past dozen years, I have thought much this week about what his life was about. Daily, I put things into the snail mail. I use an envelope to send out my message. That envelope is essentially just a storage case to carry something more important, what is inside the envelope is what matters. I have been trying to think that my handsome three-legged son Henry in his furry body was just a sheath, here to carry information and love from human to human. He was here for carrying the message of the soul and heart to so many in need.

His Kibble for Thought left us ways to approach life. I know, as a human, I am guilty of giving great importance to the the physical, especially when it is the form of a person or furry child that is beloved to me. Henry's envelope is not here but his inside message liv de of him. He taught me that love always trumps hate, that cats have deep and unique value and a thousand more messages. Even amidst my tears reviewing well over 40,000 pictures I have of this guy, I smile at all the people whose lives he touched and changed. Maybe he left sooner than any of us expected to remind us not to get attached to form but instead focus on essence.

Just as his initials, JM, invited humans to be the best self they could be, He must have wanted humans to focus on love and soul, not the temporary sheath that carries it. Henry is now more than a virtual hero, he is now the transcendent messenger of resilience, bound neither to time nor place nor age nor condition. His teachings will go forward to enhance the lives of all who need comfort and hope and belief.

A few days ago, I was working in my office with the door open. Into my office flew two beautiful dragonflies. They did a dance in front of me, their orange gossamer wings glistening. I think they represent the moving past self created illusions that limit our growth. Henry certainly did that. Dragonflies have a very short lifespan. Perhaps the briefness of their life is to encourage us to live in the moment and live to our fullest potential. Who sent these creatures who never come in my office? Just another mystery.

He left big paw prints for all of us to fill, that is for sure. As news of his crossing flew around the world, hundreds have written, joining me in tears. Henry seems, in his new form, to be able to get letters to me directly without my being at the keyboard at all. Many of these letters have brought tears. Here is one such letter that arrived from my dear furry son. He now flies free with his voice, no longer needing me as his channel. However, he has left plans to maintain his legacy. Stay tuned!

He sends you this video to remember him by.