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The Animals


Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
My new love’s a dog
Her legs are but two

Together we play,
We more than have fun
She bounces to find me
Boy, can she run!

Some say we’re disabled
But not Tink and I
We play like all others
The time it does fly

She stands on two legs
And I stand on just three
Two kindred spirits,
Tink and Just Me

For those that “tink” Tink
Is not more than just swift
Let me remind you
To me she’s a gift

What limbs one’s endowed with
Is not really the point
It’s what in our hearts
That our souls do anoint

So Tink is my playmate
And also my love
A two -legged doggie
Sent down from above

Forget what is missing
Be here and now
Count all your blessing
We’ll show you how

So all you dear humans
Who come watch us play
Remember what matters
Live fully each day!