The Cat Who Became a Healer

It is well known that animals have special healing qualities,
and that people who love and care for them live longer,
but who ever heard of a “virtual” pet that heals and saves lives?

Hi, I’m Henry. I am a striped tabby cat with only three legs. Humans seem to think it is important that I tell you about my missing leg. I don’t think it matters. I wonder why humans notice what is missing; animals just go on with what they have, never thinking about what is not there. Humans might call me a “handicapped cat.” I know I am a “handy cat.”

Once upon a time I lived with my three sisters in the forest in the mountains. I guess we were what humans call “feral cats.” We chased leaves, climbed trees, and snuggled together for naps. We had a swell time for those first four months.

Then something happened to me. I don't quite remember what. There was a huge thud and I went to sleep. When I woke up I walked strangely. One of my paws just dragged around. A few days after the thud experience, two people—who were DOG ONLY people and didn't even like cats—found me. I mean, if you have to go thud and not walk right, one would hope that CAT LOVERS find you! Well, as luck would have it, the purrrfect people found me.

I won them over, they helped me lose the paw that didn't work, and brought me home with them. The home thing was a bit of an adjustment because everything I wanted to play with that was interesting had a big “NO” attached to it. I didn't have my three sisters to play with; instead I had a big black horse named Dolly. I think she is a poodle, but when you are as little as I was, she seemed like a horse to me!

Dolly prancing like a horse

Well, I started a life of adventures. My Mom helped me write my first e-mail and I sent it to twenty of my new friends. They sent it on, and you wouldn't believe what has happened. I have answered over 45,000 letters, I have three books, three workbooks, and Dolly dog has her own book and workbooks. I have been able to send tens of thousands of dollars to animals and children less fortunate than I am. We run a total non-profit. I seem to have become a virtual pet for thousands.

HenryI don’t know what a virtual pet is. I am real. I have lots of adventures, more than your normal, loving house cat. I am really good at turning bad things into good things. 

Mostly, I am a Can-Do Cat and I believe that each of us has to do something to try and help all the hurting folks around us. It doesn’t matter how you get hurt, and it really doesn’t matter who gives you the help. What matters is that we can all help each other in lots of ways. Mom says that “Help Me” are the two most powerful words in the English language. It is a sign of great strength to reach out for help when it is needed.

I have a girlfriend; her name is Tink. She was born without her front paws so she had to find her own way to get around. She hopped some on her hind legs and then, over this past year, a very nice white coat man, called an orthotist, made something special for her. After many different attempts, he designed a set of wheels for dear Tink! Well, today she has her racing wheels and my life has never been the same. I thought boys were supposed to do the pursuing but my darling gal Tink races around to find me no matter where I am. We have lots of fun together.

Welcome to my world. Lots of cool things happen here. I hope you will visit often and join us in trying to help animals and children in need.

3 photos of Tink