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The Animals

is a three-legged cat who opens people’s eyes and minds — as well as their hearts. He transforms ignorance into acceptance and love. In overcoming his own problems, Henry inspires us to transcend the bias and barriers we encounter in our lives. He is a hopeful symbol of beating the odds.

Tragedies abound in our world. People feel as if they can’t make a difference. Henry teaches that just because you cannot do everything is no excuse for doing nothing. Two dog-devoted people rescued Henry. Despite not liking cats, they chose to save his life and he changed theirs forever. Henry extends his remaining front paw to help animals everywhere. All profits from his book and related products are donated to people and animals in need. Any group in the world wanting to raise money for their projects can purchase his book at cost, sell them at retail and keep the money for their organization!

  • Henry’s message is an important one for kids of all ages – from six to sixty (and beyond).
  • He reminds us that we are defined not by our misfortunes, but by our responses to them.
  • He shows us that hatred is often learned and born of ignorance and how easy it is to hate what we don’t understand.
  • Through his gentle example, he demonstrates the compelling nature of vulnerability and power of the two most powerful words in our language: “Help Me”

He asks all who read his book to help him bring healing to people and animals. We can make a difference one person, one animal, and one dollar at a time—donate via PayPal by clicking the ‘Donate’ button above. You don’t need a PayPal account to do this.