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The Animals

is the poodle whose world was turned upside down when her family adopted Henry, the three-legged cat. Like many people dealing with complex and difficult feelings and the acute needs of others, Dolly felt invisible. With great courage, and patience, Dolly asks “What About Me?”

Giving a voice to siblings of the 9.4 million sick children in this country, and all of the caregivers who sacrifice themselves in order to help another, Dolly’s story teaches that emotions are worth mentioning and valuing. Every child, just as every dog who was there first, needs help to learn an emotional vocabulary.

Dolly learned that there are lots of ways to express her feelings and she has a story and workbook to share her lessons. She has had to learn to:

  • Accept her feelings.
  • Share her feelings with someone who loves her
  • Ask for help
  • Accept that nobody’s perfect
  • Understand that feelings can change

Dolly hopes that everyone who cares about getting along with others — as well as helping people and animals — will help to get her books into the hands of families.