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Children’s / Gift Book

What’s the Matter with Henry? The True Tale of a Three-Legged Cat


     When Henry was found, his left leg dangled uselessly from his shoulder. That could have been the end of the story for this little striped kitten. But instead, it was the beginning of an unlikely adventure, as two dog lovers rescued him.

     Henry had to lose his leg but what he gained was far more valuable. His is a story of survival, courage, perserverance, and triumph over barriers and bias. Henry shows his rescuers the power of love to overcome prejudice and all other obstacles.

    He teaches us to be our best self and not be redefined by others. Henry’s story is for kids of all ages…. From six to sixty… (and beyond)!

    The co-authors, cat scribe Cathy Conheim and BJ Gallagher are storytellers. They believe that storytelling is the way we connect with others and with what is essential in our lives. People forget facts and figures but they remember good stories.

“This is a sweet story with an important message for everyone who reads it.
It is definitely Chicken Soup for my soul.”

Jack Canfield—Co-creator,
Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul®

This is a heartwarming message. Henry knows you will love his newest book and invites you to make it your gift of the year. All profits will go to help animals everywhere.
Available in English and Spanish.

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