• donate copies of the book to your local library;
  • to your physician’s waiting room;
  • to your pediatrician’s waiting room;
  • to your grandchildren’s school;
  • to your church youth program;
  • to a veteran or a veterans organization;
  • to your veterinarian.


  • ask for books from Henry’s world for your birthday and donate them as your birthday gift;
  • to an animal shelter;
  • to a library’s reading program;
  • to your school;
  • to someone you want to help.


  • use the books as fund-raising tools to help kids, veterans, animals;
  • ask your donors where they would like to give the program materials;
  • partner with Henry's World to get a new message on resilience to your members.


  • use the books to teach tolerance, character, and resilience;
  • Create an art project to learn emotional literacy;
  • Use the animal heroes to change the culture of the classroom to compassion;
  • Ask the PTA to use the books for fund-raising for your programs;
  • Create a giving program to teach children responsibility and generosity.